We Challenge You

How to Prepare

Here are some pointers on how you can prepare before the Unicef Challenge. Also some tips for during the Unicef Challenge. It will make cycling a lot easier and then you have more time to enjoy the ride.

  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast.
    • Make sure clothing lets out moist during warm weather or keeps you warm in cold weather
    • During cycling some people prefer to wear special shorts with a padded crotch (chamois) this to prevent chaffing (skin rash)
    • Cycling gloves give more comfort and protect you in the event of an accident
    • Sunburn is a high risk for cyclists. Please put a 30+ sunscreen lotion on all parts which are not covered by clothing. Do not put sunscreen lotion above your eyes; if you start sweating the lotion will run into your eyes
    • Sunglasses provide shade on your eyes and prevent dirt and other debris from getting in your eyes
  • Your bike.
    • We advise that you bring your own bike. You know that bike and it’s sounds and handling
    • Make sure the breaks are working perfectly
    • Make sure the gears work perfectly
    • If you have a repair kit….bring it!
    • Make sure your saddle is in the right position and that your tires are in good inflated condition
  • Food & Beverages
    • Carry if possible a bottle of water with you. During the stops we will provide you with new drinks.
    • Do not take to big of a sip at a time. And do not wait with drinking till you get thirsty.
    • Cycling is a very energy-consuming work, so do NOT skip breakfast. Start out with carbohydrates like: porridge, bread and rice products. On the road we will take care of foods like: bananas, apples, fruitcake, etc. They are easy to carry as well.
    • Practice eating when you ride. Avoid over-eating during the stops because riding a bike can cause discomfort if you eat too much
  • Warm-ups
    • If you practice and on the Unicef Challenge 2015 day do a warm-up
    • Do a light stretch before and after the ride. This will prevent you pulling the tendons, reducing the risk of injury and decreasing the muscle tightness after exercise
    • Warm-ups can include: skipping, jogging games, aerobics and gentle stretching to music